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  1. Small puppy drowned is officially dead but now watch the miracle
  2. Neighbor pleaded guilty to killing puppy Yorkie by pruning shears
  3. Man brutally killed a dog with a cane and then kicked it off and he was caught by the police
  4. Senior dog cries after his family leaves her at shelter for another dog, But someone heard her
  5. Horrifying video shows man shooting on two dogs with a BB gun and leaving one of them dead
  6. Elderly dog is found covered in urine and blood after he was dumped in a trash bag by the side of the road
  7. Abused dog hidden in a box and left to die on the road
  8. Amazing moment stray dogs at a funeral to pay respects to the kindly lady who used to feed them
  9. Horrific moment for a man jumping on his pet bulldog and then threw it down the stairs leaving it so badly injured
  10. Heroic woman saves a Pit Bull being mercilessly beaten on the street covered in blood
  11. Downtrodden and mangy dog rescued from streets experiences a true transformation
  12. Poor dog shot at close range and left to die on the mountains
  13. Poor dog was attacked by the children after they blow fireworks on her face
  14. Monster Man sprayed a dog with hot water then locked her in the freezer
  15. Dog sleeps on streets for 11 years, then wakes from nap to find whole world changed
  16. Little puppy his whole life was very painful found abandoned in the woods and could not walk because of injuries on his legs
  17. Horrifying moment shows man punches cowering dog before dangling it over canal in sickening towpath attack
  18. Animal abuser charged after left pets to starve to death in cages before RSPCA found rotting remains
  19. Two men rush to stop crazy woman dragging her dog behind car
  20. Man on vacation shocked to see live stream video of his puppy being kicked at Dog Daycare
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