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  1. This dog was set to be killed, but one woman begged for a chance to see him
  2. Police officer makes woman sit in hot car after she left her dog in the car
  3. Video of man abusing dog highlights connection between violence against animals and humans
  4. The officer Office announced the launch of an investigation into the shooting of a pit bull by one of its officers
  5. Hero spots exhausted Pit bull who’s been stranded in floodwaters for 16 hours
  6. Amazing transformation of dog that lived in a dungeon for years
  7. Horrifying injuries of english mastiff puppy which was shot 60 times with pellets
  8. Court rules police can legally execute your dog if it does anything but sit silently
  9. Police officer surprised his daughters by adopting the puppy saved from a hot car
  10. Police rescue two dogs in hot cars in a parking lot it was more than 100 degrees
  11. Puppy won’t leave his dying mother who has blood fading and low of red blood cells
  12. Amazing dog rescued from very hopeless to new wonderful life
  13. Animal Services a lot of in tears after rescuing a dog covered in blood and sores
  14. Man murdered a dog and then proudly shared his trophy photo on social media
  15. We went to rescue newborn puppies but never expected to find this
  16. Crazy boy holding a little puppy by its hind legs and then opens his belly by knife
  17. Boy heartbroken cried so much when his 14 years old dog died
  18. Little dog spent most of her life locked in a cage without food or water
  19. Sarah was one of solitary confinement with kept on a short chain in a small box
  20. Amazing Small dog nursing a kitten in a ravine near a creek
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